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Ask Former Stanford Admissions Officer How to stand out!

Are you aiming to study at top schools in the US including Stanford, Harvard, Yale...? Join the exclusive online event with former Stanford Admissions Officer, Martin Walsh to find out who gets ‘in’ and why

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9:30AM - 11:30 AM | Sun, July 18, 2021

Online event

The virtual event will be hosted on Zoom
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What are Admissions Officers really looking for?

Competition for the best universities are at an all time high. It has never been so important for students to stand out. So who are the gatekeepers of every college? - The Admissions Officers.

former Assistant Dean of Admissions at Stanford, Martin has spent 15 years either evaluating applications or counselling students to help them achieve their ultimate admissions goals.

Join our exclusive online event to hear Martin, explain how to create a strong profile for the US University Application to outshine the competition, and make a memorable impression on Admission Officers.

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A webinar you don’t want to miss

Learn exactly what goes on behind the doors of a top university admissions office and how admissions officers narrow down on who receives that coveted acceptance letter.

Strategize your application
Strategize your application

How to effectively demonstrate your academics and extracurriculars on your Common App

Reveal the secret
Reveal the secret

How to navigate the application process and think like an admission officer

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