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Vietnamese Students’ Journeys to Their Dream Universities: Hear from successful applicants!

How did they get accepted to Oxford, Wharton, Drexel, Washington and other top US universities? Hear they talk about how they got in!

Why do you need to hear from successful applicants?

Vietnamese students are some of the most academically gifted in the world! However, when it comes to top universities admissions, good grades alone won’t cut it.

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Hong Kong Case Studies Bundle Cover

They did it!

Uncover how Van Nguyen, Chuong Nguyen, Thu Tran, Nathan Nguyen & other Vietnamese students transformed - from teenagers attending local schools in VN, into admits of their dream universities.

A nice surprise: Tips from GLOBAL students!

from students around the globe who are studying at Princeton, Cornell, and Stanford.

The exclusive opportunity to understand why they got #ACCEPTED, and what was the journey behind.



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