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Nail Your Applications to Top Medical Schools

Dream about studying Medicine in the UK and Australia? Download our eBook and watch our pre-recorded webinar to learn about UK & AU medical school admissions and plan your strategy to conquer top Med schools.
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On-demand webinar

Journey to get accepted to medical schools in AU & UK!

Watch our exclusive online webinar to gain critical insights to ace the admissions process and plan your medical career path with our admissions experts, and most importantly turn your aspirations into reality.

What we will cover?

  • A breakdown of medical school admissions requirements in the UK and Australia
  • Entrance exams: what you need to know and how to plan ahead
  • What you’ll need to secure an interview and how to crush your medical interview
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How to Build Your UK Medical School Profile

Tips on adapting your UK med school profile to face the challenges of COVID-19 and a detailed timeline on how to build your candidacy starting Grade 9!

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What this eBook covers

Dreaming of attending a top medical school in the UK? Key is to get started early! Download our latest eBook to learn everything you need to know about building a standout med school portfolio!

  • What you should be doing at each grade level to boost your candidacy for med school - from Grade 9 all the way to your app year!
  • How to adapt your med school profile to face the challenges of COVID-19
  • Recommended readings and resources to help you get started on building your portfolio
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A sneak peek of what you will receive

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