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Inside the Heads of Former Harvard and Oxford Admissions Officers

Hear former Admissions Officers (FAOs) from Harvard and Oxford debate each other and learn the secrets of admissions to elite universities!
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What we'll cover in this on-demand webinar?

+ How do admissions officers view an applicant differently? A live reading and evaluation of an application by the former admissions officers

+ What happens inside the decision room? A detailed breakdown of the selection process (for international applicants)

+ What kinds of students thrive at certain universities? An analysis of the fit or mutual “suitability” between a student and a school 

+ What is it like being a student there? A compare-and-contrast of the university experience in the UK versus the US, from the curriculum to career opportunities

+ How do former admissions officers work with Crimson students? A review of case studies and advice for Vietnamese students

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Former Admissions Officers

Hear from the people who made the decision to accept current Oxford and Harvard students!

Jennifer Cearns - Oxford FAO

Graduated from the University of Oxford, Jennifer has previously lectured at the University of Oxford, and was an admissions interviewer at the Faculty of Modern Languages, University of Oxford.

Devery Doran - Harvard FAO

Graduated from Harvard and UT Austin, Devery has served as a Senior Admissions Officer at Harvard's Undergraduate Admissions Office and as an Application Reader for The University of California, Berkeley.


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