University of Chicago Acceptance Rate for Class of 2026

27/04/202311 minute read
University of Chicago Acceptance Rate for Class of 2026

University of Chicago completed its first ever Common Data Set for the 2021-22 academic year. The university’s undergraduate Class of 2026 acceptance rate was a low 5.4%. Out of the competitive applicant pool of 37,522 prospective students, 2,041 applicants were admitted and 1,729 enrolled. The university did not submit data on the number of waitlisted students or those admitted in early rounds. Columbia University also submitted its first data set for the same academic year.

University of Chicago’s Acceptance Rate and Admission Stats for the Class of 2025

University of Chicago admitted just 2,041 applicants from a pool of 37,522 to the class of 2026. This means that the Class of 2026’s had an acceptance rate of 5.4%.

The University also completed its first ever Common Data Set for the 2021-22 academic year. Based on the CDS, for the Class of 2025, the university received a total of 37,974 applicants and admitted 2,460. Of these 17,513 applications were from men compared to 20,445 applications from women. The university admitted 1,254 men and 1,206 women.

The University had previously declined to complete the CDS, making it one of only a handful of elite institutions to do so. Among the nation’s top 20 universities as ranked by U.S. News, only UChicago and Columbia had never completed the survey prior to 2022. Columbia also completed the CDS for the first time in 2022.

UChicago Overall Admissions Acceptance Rates
Class of 2024Class of 2025Class of 2026
Total First-Year Applicants34,37237,97437,522
Admitted Applicants2,5112,4602,041
Overall Admission Rate 7.3%6.5%5.4%

Student Profile for UChicago’s Class of 2026

About 16% of University of Chicago’s Class of 2026 is composed of international students. The largest racial/ethnic category is Asian and Hispanic with 22% each identifying as such. Approximately 14% of students identify as Black or African American.

All 50 states are represented and students participate in community service, music, sports, newspapers, religious organizations, theater and student government.

The Common Data Set for the Class of 2025 revealed that the university ranks factors like GPA, standardized test scores, class rank, first-generation status, relationship to alumni, and racial or ethnic identity as “considered.”

This breakdown of admissions criteria noticeably differs from those of peer institutions. Most of the other universities ranked in the top 20 nationally by U.S. News weight GPA, test scores, and class rank either as “important” or “very important.”

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A Closer Look at University of Chicago’s Admission History

Over the years, the University of Chicago has become known for its unique and rigorous approach to education. The university's Core Curriculum, which requires all students to take a set of foundational courses in a variety of subjects, is widely regarded as one of the most rigorous and comprehensive undergraduate curricula in the world. The university's commitment to intellectual inquiry and academic excellence has attracted some of the brightest and most talented students from around the world.

The average GPA for applicants to the Class of 2025 was 4.33. Almost 63% of the applicants had a GPA of 4.0 and another 25% had a GPA between 3.75 and 3.99. Almost 98% of the applicants had an SAT score between 1400-1600 and an ACT score between 30-36. This shows the high academic caliber of the applicants.

In recent years, the university has also become known for its efforts to increase diversity and inclusivity on campus. The university has implemented a number of programs and initiatives aimed at recruiting and retaining students from diverse backgrounds, and has made significant progress in this area.

Overall, the University of Chicago's admission history reflects its commitment to academic excellence, intellectual inquiry, and a rigorous and comprehensive approach to education. The university's selective admissions process ensures that only the most talented and accomplished students are admitted, and its unique approach to education ensures that students receive a truly transformative educational experience.

Top Majors at University of Chicago

The University of Chicago is known for its strong emphasis on research and academic excellence across a wide range of fields, and students at the university can choose from a diverse array of majors across its undergraduate divisions. Here are some of the top majors at the University of Chicago:

  1. Economics: The University of Chicago is widely regarded as one of the top economics programs in the world, and its undergraduate economics program is no exception. Students in the economics major at UChicago study microeconomics, macroeconomics, econometrics, and other related topics.
  2. Computer Science: UChicago's computer science program is growing in prominence and popularity, and the university has invested heavily in building a state-of-the-art computer science facility. Students in the computer science major at UChicago study algorithms, programming languages, software engineering, and other related topics.
  3. Mathematics: UChicago's mathematics program is one of the oldest and most respected in the country, and it has produced a number of distinguished mathematicians over the years. Students in the mathematics major at UChicago study algebra, calculus, geometry, topology, and other related topics.
  4. Biological Sciences: UChicago's biological sciences program is highly regarded, and students in the major study a wide range of topics in biology, including genetics, evolution, ecology, and physiology.
  5. Political Science: UChicago's political science program is well-regarded, and students in the major study political theory, international relations, comparative politics, and other related topics.

Other popular majors at the University of Chicago include physics, chemistry, English, history, and psychology, among others. UChicago's academic programs are designed to provide students with a rigorous and intellectually challenging education that prepares them for success in a wide range of fields.

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