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US Admissions Breakdown with a Former Stanford Admissions Officer

What goes into a Stanford or Ivy League application?

Hear from US admissions expert, Daniel C., as he dives deep into the US admissions process, what it takes to craft a competitive college application and how Crimson’s unique ‘no-stone-unturned’ approach gives students the best chance possible of admission to your top choice university!

In this episode you will learn:

  • What admissions officers from Stanford, the Ivy League and other top universities are looking for
  • The strategies behind how you can order your activities
  • What to include and omit in your application essays
  • How to craft an application that resonates above the competition


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About this speaker

Daniel has always had a passion for learning and education! Daniel served as an undergraduate admission officer at Stanford University, Rice University, and Swarthmore College. Over time, Daniel's advisees have earned acceptances to Princeton, Columbia, Stanford, Northwestern, Duke, Dartmouth, Notre Dame, UCLA, Berkeley, Swarthmore, McGill, and the US Naval Academy among others.