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Want to know what it REALLY takes to get into a top college like Harvard? Our on demand episodes cover all major application subjects — with each one featuring an expert speaker such as a former Ivy League Admissions Officer, or an application expert with a proven track record of supporting students in top college admissions success. Ready to get started? Simply click on an episode to WATCH NOW!

How to get into the Ivy League
How To Get Into The Ivy League with Harvard and Stanford Grad, Jamie Beaton

- This episode featuring Crimson CEO, Jamie, offers an expert, insider's perspective into the work of admissions officers. Jamie also covers the expert tips and strategies that have helped thousands of Crimson students gain admission to Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth, Brown, Princeton, and more!


How to get into the Ivy League
Admissions Trends, Analyses and Predictions with Harvard grad, David Freed

- Harvard grad, Education and Applied Mathematics expert, and Crimson COO, David Freed shares the latest top school admissions trends and how you can prepare yourself for the 2022-2023 application cycle and beyond. Learn how you can increase your chances of top school admission by optimizing every element of your application.


Cracking the US Common App
Cracking the Common Application with a Former Stanford Admissions Officer

- Hear from Former Stanford Assistant Dean of Admissions, Martin Walsh, on what it takes to stand out in the admissions process. From your academics to your extracurriculars, personal statement to supplemental essays, Martin walks you though how to approach every aspect of your application.


US Admission Breakdown
US Admissions Breakdown with a Former Stanford, Rice and Swarthmore Admissions Officer

- Hear from US admissions expert, Daniel Chung, as he dives deep into the US admissions process, what it takes to craft a competitive college application and how Crimson’s unique approach gives students the best chance possible of admission to the Ivy League, Stanford and other top colleges.


Ivy League Applications
What Does A Successful Ivy League Application Look Like? With Harvard and Stanford grad, Jamie Beaton

- How do admits to Harvard, Stanford, Yale and more fill out their Common Apps? Crimson CEO, Jamie Beaton, will show you EXACTLY what successful applications look like, sharing real examples of Crimson student Common Apps. Want to read the activities lists and essays that got our students into Stanford, Princeton and more? This episode is for you!


Ivy League Applications
How To Build the Perfect Gap Year Or Transfer Application with two Harvard Graduates

- Hear from Jamie Beaton and Gabe Gladstein — who successfully transferred from Tufts to Harvard — for this one-of-a-kind episode on how to build the perfect gap year or transfer strategy. Discover how to craft a gap year that will impress admissions officers, create a stand-out transfer application, and how to target the right top schools


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