How can we help?

Mentors who support your personal development and confidence
Work on organizing projects that can influence change in the world
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Strong leadership traits improve your chances of admission into a top college
Consultants matched to your personality and aspirations

Become a leader of tomorrow’s world

With the support of experienced and well-rounded mentors, you can organize charity events, start a not-for-profit or even found your own business. The beauty of leadership consulting is you get to pave your own path, choosing how you want to develop into a leader and allowing you to grow confidence.

Leaders aren’t born, they’re made. Crimson will help you develop and demonstrate your inner leader. We’ll identify key leadership opportunities inside and outside of school, as well as how to create these situations for yourself. With our support and guidance, any student can develop into a strong leader.

What you get

Connecting with world class leadership consultants, you’ll develop your core skills through our tried and tested program. You’ll also get assistance in executing your very own community focused projects, which will distinguish you from other applicants on the global stage.

Make your college application irresistible!