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Crimson Internship Program

Are you looking for an internship to boost your academic profile and gain workplace experience?

How does it work?

Crimson Internships operate primarily as individualized skill-building exercises, giving students the chance to perform tasks for and receive feedback from startups and established companies. Interns’ main contact point will be an intern manager with a background in business, marketing, and entrepreneurship. Interns will also have the opportunity to connect with one another, establishing connections within their intern cohort.

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Program Structure

The core of Crimson’s internship program is the foundational setting for students to learn key skills and how companies operate. Each student has a dedicated intern manager, who acts as an intermediary between students and internship sites, allowing students to have a comfortable internship experience while they learn.

Program details include:

1. Timeline

Generally, internships will last for 3 months and will take up 10 hours/week.

2. Pricing

Virtual internship placement progams are $5,000. *Price lower for Crimson students in full programs*

3. Enrollment

Internships will occur on a rolling basis and based on the student schedule and commitments.

4. Final Project

When a task is completed, interns will present their product to the intern manager.

About the Internship Sites

Crimson works with several internship sites. Here are a few examples of companies that students previously interned with:

Quotes from Previous Students

“It has been great working on this internship for the last couple of months. I feel like I’ve learned so much and gained so much knowledge from the whole experience.”

“This whole experience opened my eyes up to what marketing actually is. I always thought that it was just around commercials and banner ads. I now have a new mindset of how you understand a consumer and engage with them. I also can’t look at any ads without thinking about the research that went into them!”

“I had the opportunity to explore the intersection of business and technology. It’s helped me understand if I want to pursue comp sci or business as my major in college. I’m really glad I did this before going to college so I can focus now rather than later.”


Example Projects Students Have Done In the Past

  • Launch strategy & plan for a new educational product
  • Designing a social media plan for an eCommerce brand
  • Chemical and product research and analysis for a beauty product company
  • Analyzing the allocation of learning & development in U.S. companies for a media company
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