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Crimson Research Institute

Complete an Independent Research Project with 1-1 Mentorship from PhDs and University Faculty

What is the Crimson Research Institute?

Crimson Research Institute (CRI) offers qualified students the opportunity to complete an in-depth, independent research paper or project with guidance from PhDs and top university faculty.

Our Research Mentors – professors, lecturers, and PhD students with years of research experience – will help students not only to complete their own small, independent research project in a specific discipline, but also to source potential publishers, obtain patents or copyrights if applicable, and more.

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Who Should Sign Up for CRI?

Interested students should possess excellent grades, a history of engagement in their chosen field, excellent time management skills, and fluency in English.

CRI is designed for high academic achievers who are intellectually curious, motivated, and ready to take their knowledge of a particular subject to the next level. Students should be self-driven and strive to complete work at the level of current undergraduates.

No past experience in research is necessary.​ Professors will provide all relevant instruction and guidance necessary for the student to complete their desired research project, conditional upon the student completing assigned work.

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