Strategies to Boost Your Academics for Top College Admissions

What do highly competitive colleges look for in a top candidate's academic profile? Hint: it's much more than top grades and test scores. Find out how to ace it, from a Former Stanford and Northwestern Admissions Officer!

Tuesday, November 28, 2023

1:00 AM CUT


Most applicants to top universities have perfect GPAs. So how will you stand out?

To evaluate your academics, admissions officers look at more than just your grades. They also pay attention to your course selection, test scores, and the academic-focused extracurriculars on your Activities List.

Join this webinar to hear from Kimberley, a Former Stanford and Northwestern Admissions Officer, about:

  • How your high school transcript is evaluated by top colleges
  • How to choose the best classes for your academic profile
  • The SAT vs. ACT: which one to take and how to prepare
  • How to boost your academics outside the classroom

Plus a LIVE Q&A with Kimberley at the end!


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Meet Your Speaker: Kimberley

Kimberley spent over a decade working in undergraduate admissions at both Stanford University and Northwestern University. At Northwestern, she directed the evaluation of all undergraduate applications at for 7 years, wrote the reader handbook, was responsible for training all staff and application readers, and even oversaw the music admissions process!

Kimberley earned her Bachelor’s degree from Wellesley, her Master’s degree from the University of Oxford, and her MBA from Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Business.

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