Find Out How Private School Students Can Stand Out to Top Colleges

Learn 10 must-know admissions tips to help your private school student get into a top university with Crimson's CEO, Jamie Beaton!

Wednesday, May 22, 2024

12:00 AM CUT


Does attending private school boost your child's chances of getting into a top university?

Not necessarily. Admissions officers review stacks of applications from private school students every year — meaning your child is being compared to equally impressive, well-resourced students.

Join Crimson CEO, Jamie Beaton, as he highlights 10 key considerations all private school parents should know for students aiming for top universities.

In the webinar, Jamie will cover:

  • What the latest admissions data and trends tell us
  • Exactly where private school students stand in comparison to other applicants
  • What you need to know about your child’s private school education and resources
  • How to provide your child with a competitive advantage

Jamie will also answer your questions LIVE throughout the presentation!

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Meet Your Speaker Jamie Beaton

Jamie founded Crimson in 2013 after applying and being accepted to 25 world-leading universities.

He has accumulated 8 degrees from several ultra-competitive universities including:

  • Harvard (BA and Masters in Science)
  • The University of Pennsylvania (Masters in Education Entrepreneurship)
  • Yale Law School (JD)
  • Stanford (MBA and Masters in Education)
  • Oxford (Phd)
  • Tsinghua University (Masters in Global Affairs)
Jamie Beaton
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