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Preparing Your Child Early for Success

Join us on Wednesday, June 30 @ 4 pm PT/7 pm ET

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What we'll discuss:

  • Fundamental Skills (goal-setting • time management stress management • teamwork  conflict management)
  • Psychological Development (Independence • flexibility • engagement • awareness of action & consequence)
  • Academic Confidence (study habits • strong performance addressing challenges • intellectual vitality)
  • Extracurricular Direction (interest exploration • interest deepening community engagement • pinpointing taste)
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What is Crimson Rise?

A program unlike any other for students aged 11-14, Crimson Rise offers numerous and diverse options tailored to the academic needs of students entering, and in, their early teenage years.

Crimson Rise is a personalized, holistic program for young students, designed to prepare them to succeed- academically, extracurricularly, and personally - in high school and beyond.

Personal guidance with a top strategist is combined with one-on-one instruction in a series of unique educational experiences.

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