A MUST READ for Parents of New England High Schoolers

New England is home to many of the best-ranked public and private high schools in the country — and Ivy League universities admit a large portion of their students from the region.

This means your child is facing fierce competition for a spot at a top-ranked college, where acceptance rates are in the single digits.

Download this eBook to learn how your New England student can set themselves apart from their peers in top college admissions!

Thousands of qualified students from your area are vying for the same spots at Ivy League schools.

This guide breaks down expert insights about top college admissions that every New England parent should know. It includes:

  • How admissions officers evaluate applicants from your child’s school
  • How New England students are assessed in comparison to their peers
  • How the latest admissions data can guide your child’s application strategy
  • Month-by-month admissions timelines for all four years of high school
  • A breakdown of Ivy League ‘Feeder Schools’

…and more!

Download this eBook to understand how your child can gain a competitive edge in top college admissions, and help boost their odds of getting accepted to their dream university.

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