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Former Harvard Admissions Officer On How To Build Your Pathway To The Ivy League

Join Former Harvard Admissions Officer, Devery Doran, as she shares everything you need to know about how to build a competitive Ivy League and other top college application(s). Tuesday, December 6th at 5 PM PT / 8 PM ET

Find out what exactly goes into a successful Ivy league application

In this special webinar, Former Harvard Admissions Officer, Devery Doran, will share exactly what she was looking for when assessing tens of thousands of Harvard applicants.

In this webinar Devery will cover:

  • Why academics are important and how they are assessed as part of your top college application
  • How to build an extracurricular profile that stands out amongst other highly qualified applicants
  • Why personal qualities matter and how you can craft an effective personal statement and supplemental essays which resonate with application readers

Devery will also partake in a Q&A session where you can ask questions and have them answered live!


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More about Devery Doran

Former Admissions Officer at Harvard University

Devery has extensive experience in university admissions, having served as a Senior Admissions Officer in Harvard's Undergraduate Admissions Office and as an Application Reader in The University of California, Berkeley's Undergraduate Admissions Office. She has advised hundreds of college applicants with Crimson and in her capacity as an independent admissions advisor, helping them gain admission to the likes of Harvard, Stanford, Yale, UChicago and many more.


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