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Breaking Down the Ivy League

Are your sights set on the Ivy League?

Choosing where to study can be one of the most challenging parts of your university journey. With so many superb options available to qualified students, it can be difficult to narrow down on a school with the best location, campus life, and academic focus for you.

Download this eBook to compare all eight Ivy League universities and decide which one stands out among the rest.

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Read the complete breakdown of the Ivy League

Ivy League universities are known worldwide for their prestige. Their renowned faculty, resources and alumni networks have students from every corner of the globe flocking to their eight historic US campuses. 

But each of these world-leading universities offers something unique to their students, whether it’s an urban setting with a smaller student body or a sprawling campus with a high degree of academic autonomy. 

So what sets one apart from the next? Our eBook answers this question and more, with facts and figures about all eight Ivy League universities. Download to compare:

  • Campus location and size
  • Most popular majors
  • Admission stats
  • World and US rankings
  • Enrollment figures
  • ...and more!

For ambitious students chasing their Ivy League dreams, this eBook is a perfect starting point to decide which school(s) are right for you.

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Watch him explain how he got accepted to Brown, from extracurriculars to test prep to essay writing and more!
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