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Former Stanford Admissions Officer Explains How to Ace your College Applications

Join Daniel Chung — a Former Admissions Officer from Stanford (ranked #3 nationally), Rice (ranked #15) and Swarthmore (ranked #4 in National Liberal Arts Colleges) — to hear strategic tips and expert insights on how you can set yourself apart from tens of thousands of other qualified applicants to top universities! Monday, April 3rd 5:30 PM PT | 8:30 PM ET

Daniel Chung has reviewed over 9,000 applications to some of the country's most competitive colleges.

So what exactly did he look for when deciding which students to admit to Stanford, Rice or Swarthmore?

Join this webinar to hear an Admissions Officer’s insights on what sets winning applications apart from the rest.

In this webinar, Daniel will cover:

  • How to maximize your academics beyond top grades and test scores
  • How admissions officers evaluate extracurriculars and how to build an effective Activities List
  • Why your essays are often the deciding factor in your application
  • Why an overarching application theme is crucial to your admissions success

Daniel will also answer all your questions in a LIVE Q&A!

Stanford University

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Your Speaker Daniel Chung

Daniel has served as an Undergraduate Admissions Officer at Stanford, Rice, and Swarthmore, collectively reviewing over 9,000 applications!

He has also led group travel events to multiple Ivy League schools including Brown, Columbia, and Harvard, where he further developed his expertise in top university admissions.

Daniel’s advisees have been accepted to Harvard, Princeton, Columbia, Stanford, Northwestern, Duke, Dartmouth, Notre Dame, UCLA, Berkeley, Swarthmore, McGill, and the US Naval Academy among many others!

Daniel Chung
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