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CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR CLASS OF 2027 Early Round Offers Break New Records!

With numbers still rolling in, our amazing students have already received over 60 offers to the Ivy League and 90 offers to the US Top 10 — with many schools still to release their notifications!


Offers to the Ivy League


Offers to the US Top 10


Offers to the US Top 50


Offers to Oxford and Cambridge

Our Early Round Offers At A Glance

Despite many schools reporting lower than usual early round acceptance rates (eg: Yale dropped to 10% compared to 11% in the previous year), our students have received scores of offers to top schools including Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Columbia, UPenn, Stanford, MIT, Cornell, Dartmouth, Duke, Northwestern, Johns Hopkins, NYU & many more. You can check out some of our current early round tallies below!

Ivy League
Offers to the Ivy League

Our students have received 61 offers to the Ivy League in this early round so far, with 43 of these being to Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Columbia and UPenn (with a high percentage of UPenn offers being to their highly regarded Wharton School of Business)

Top 10
Offer to the US Top 10

Our students' also received offers to other non-Ivy US Top 10 schools at record high rates. For example, Crimson students have so far received 20 offers to Stanford, Duke or MIT

New York University

Our students have done particularly well with their offers to the coveted and high competitive NYU - including many gaining admission to NYU's highly respected Stern School of Business. Our students have over 22 offers to NYU in the early round so far.

Total early round offers

At this stage, with offers still rolling in, it is hard to predict an early round tally — especially with many schools still to release their notifications. Right now Crimson students are at 341 offers and counting!

Class of 2027 Early Round Crimson Student Offers (to date)
UniversityCrimson Offers (Class of 2027)
John Hopkins4

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Crimson Education is the world’s most successful US/UK university admissions consultancy, with our students up to 4x more likely to gain acceptance to the best — and most competitive — universities in the world.

We believe that every student deserves individualised support in every aspect of their applications. Crimson students have access to a global network of 2,400+ tutors, mentors, and consultants, many of whom have worked at or are graduates of the very universities our students are aiming to attend.

From university selection strategy to standardised test prep, essay support to extracurricular mentoring and interview practice — we leave no stone unturned, making sure every one of our students submits their strongest possible application.

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