Private School Parents: How to increase your child's chances of admission to a Top College by 450%

Private schools are known for their impressive academics, robust extracurriculars, and more often than not, their competitive environment — which becomes fiercer than ever when it comes to top college admissions.

Crimson’s comprehensive, tailored admissions support is forged by the expertise of our Former Admissions Officers and top graduates from the Ivy League and other ultra-competitive colleges, giving our students the competitive edge amongst thousands of other impressive candidates.


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Crimson students' odds of getting into top schools

Private School Parents - What you need to know about top school admissions

At Crimson, we work with hundreds of private school students, many of whom come from Ivy League 'feeder schools' and are placed in direct competition with their high school peers. Below are three of many considerations we take into account when building an individualized program for each private school student.

Breaking Down Crimson's Services

At Crimson we leave no stone unturned in the highly competitive top college application support process. This highly detailed approach is all the more important for private school students who come from more 'resourced' high schools and are judged in this more competitive light. Our support includes:

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