A MUST READ for Private School Parents of Sophomores & Juniors

When applying to top colleges, your private school student is competing with the most qualified and resourced applicants in the country — many of whom are their own classmates.

Admissions officers will receive a pile of stellar applications from your child’s school. How can you make sure yours is the one that stands out?

Download this guide to find out what your private school sophomore or junior can do NOW to boost their chances of acceptance to top universities!

Preparation is key for top college admissions — especially in 10th and 11th grades.

This guide breaks down 10 expert insights about top college admissions that every private school parent should know, alongside key information for sophomores and juniors. It includes:

  • Considerations on school resources and counselor capacity
  • An explanation of peer-to-peer comparisons in college admissions
  • Academic and extracurricular suggestions for private school students
  • Month-by-month admissions timelines for sophomore and junior years
  • A list of Ivy League and Stanford ‘Feeder Schools’ and more!

Download this eBook to understand how your child can gain a competitive edge, and help boost their odds of getting accepted to a top ranked college.

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Download our eBook: 10 College Admissions Tips for Parents of Private School Sophomores & Juniors

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