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Want to be an entrepreneur? How Two US High Schoolers Are Inspiring the Next Generation

OCT 26, 2020 • 7 min read

Read the story of how high school students Sruthi and Ujjayi wrote their book “How to Catapult Your Business: A Young Entrepreneur's Step-by-Step Guide”

Sruthi and Ujjayi, two high school seniors from California and New Jersey in the United States of America have co-authored an absolutely intriguing book titled “How to Catapult Your Business: A Young Entrepreneur's Step-by-Step Guide”.

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While still only teenagers themselves, both already have extensive entrepreneurial experience and expertise.

Sruthi is a rising senior with diverse experience as an entrepreneur and is passionate about applying ingenuity to solve everyday problems with a global impact. In building companies from the ground up, she has been a true trailblazer, who amassed practical experience and critical business insights. Owing to her credentials, she has had opportunities to teach large groups of students and by doing so, has perfected the magic recipe to inspire young minds. She is quite adept at attaching a sense of purpose to keep the entrepreneurial wheel rolling.

Ujjayi is also a rising senior with a successful track record in integrating technology, biomedical sciences and entrepreneurship. She had put forward award-winning products and solutions at many entrepreneurship events, medical hackathons and delivered presentations at prestigious forums. Her main area of entrepreneurial focus is creating medical devices which enhance health conditions of the underprivileged population. She views entrepreneurship as a self-empowerment tool for young students and eager to share her knowledge, skills and experience.

Sruthi and Ujjayi are also top students. With the help of mentors and tutors from Crimson Education, both Sruthi and Ujjayi will be applying for top US colleges this 2020-21 admissions cycle. We wish them all the best with their upcoming applications.

What is the book about?

Entrepreneurship is typically considered an extracurricular during middle school and even high school years. While some curricula provide opportunities for students to learn requisite skills, the piecemeal approach lacks direction, and robs talented young entrepreneurs of the chance to hone their skills and gain the confidence of project-based success early.

But how do young entrepreneurs learn these skills, and where do they begin?

How to Catapult Your Business:A Step-by-Step Guide” is a comprehensive but easy to follow ‘How-To’ manual aimed at helping young aspirants to navigate the exciting path of entrepreneurship. The workbook adopts an innovative framework guiding readers on how to apply the acquired skills in a progressive manner and document the journey along the way.

Entrepreneurship is all about doing, and this unique book is bound to turn a young entrepreneur's ideas into realities, assuring innovative planning and tangible results. The aim of the book is not only to provide talented young ‘thinkers’ with the support they cannot find elsewhere, but also build the skills critical to creating successful business leaders of the next generation.

Want to know more?

Want to read the first chapter or pre-order this incredibly insightful ‘How To’ guide so you can benefit by the step-by-step guide from start to finish? You can do both here! On this Indiegogo page you can download and read the first chapter for as little as a USD$1, or can pre-order the entire ebook or paperback copy. Besides the satisfaction of bringing this much needed book to light (proceeds will go towards the girl’s publishing costs), pre-ordering the book may avail the special promotion pricing and/or volume discounts. If opting for a paperback edition, you will receive a personally signed copy of the book when published.

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