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Crimson Education Expanding Our Virtual Internship Program

SEP 17, 2020 • 4 min read

One of the biggest questions we’ve received since March and the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic (in the US) is: “what can I do to boost my extracurricular profile from my home?” Many school clubs, summer programs, and national organizations were able to transition to an online model but not all have been so fortunate. Luckily there are opportunities to conduct research and land internships virtually.

We are excited to announce we’ll be expanding our Crimson Internship program to have a fall and winter cohort! Crimson Internships offer students the opportunity to participate in skill-building exercises and the chance to perform tasks for and receive feedback from startups and established companies.

Each intern will work with a manager with a background in business, marketing, and entrepreneurship. This manager also acts as a coach, guiding you through all core skills. This makes it a comfortable environment in which you can learn and contribute.

Generally, internships will last for 3 months and will take up to 10 hours/week. Interns will be given specific tasks, each with a clear deadline and rubric. The tasks will be specific to the internship site that the student is assigned to. When a task is completed, interns will present their product to the intern manager.

Timing is flexible and based around the student schedule and commitments (such as an exam week at school). All meetings are virtual so students can best identify the time they can log in.

Interns will also have the opportunity to connect with one another, establishing connections within their intern cohort!

Internships start at $3,200 for a 3-month virtual program.

Example Projects Students Have Done In the Past

  • Launch strategy & plan for a new educational product
  • Designing a social media plan for an eCommerce brand
  • Chemical and product research and analysis for a beauty product company
  • Analyzing the allocation of learning & development in U.S. companies for a media company

Students will be paired with their internship site depending on their interests, which will be determined through conversations with their intern manager.

What kind of student should sign up?

  • As our internship site list currently stands, Crimson internships are well suited for students interested in marketing, entrepreneurship, beauty, business strategy, fashion, consulting, research, analytics, and advertising.
  • While students will be working closely with their intern manager, internships are largely unsupervised, so interns must be able to work independently and take initiative.
  • Students may be any age, but ideally, they will be between 15 and 18 years old.
  • Crimson internships are designed for students seeking to expand their professional skills, gain experience in a desired field, and/or further broaden their extracurricular profile.
  • Students who are excited to jump into new projects and contribute their ideas and skills.

Want to learn more? Fill out this form and we’ll be in touch if there is a match! Already in the Crimson family? If you’re a current Crimson student, contact your Education Coordinator for more information!

Shannon F.

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Shannon F.

Shannon completed her Bachelors at Franklin University Switzerland where she majored in Comparative Literary and Cultural Studies & minored in Social Justice and Sustainability. Shannon has a passion for learning new languages, environmental and social justice, and immersing herself in new cultures. Shannon has worked in higher education and now works as an Education Coordinator with Crimson. Shannon currently lives in Southern California and enjoys reading, water polo, yoga, and traveling.