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Must-Listen Podcasts to Check Out Before Applying to College

JUL 24, 2020

Thanks for following along! This is the final blog in our Summer Toolkit Series! Our last blog featured a list of essential videos to watch before heading off to college. While summer is the time to get ahead, we realize many students have commitments such as jobs or homework to get done during these three months. A great way to gather information and expand knowledge while busy is to listen to podcasts. They’re fantastic to listen to in the car, while doing chores, or exercising! We’ve compiled a list of podcasts to listen to this summer and beyond. The podcast topics range from fiscal responsibility, current events, politics, and building the right habits. The podcasts below are listed in no particular order - happy listening!

  1. Collegehood Advice - This show addresses the multiple facets of the college experience and shares strategies, tools, and advice for students. Episodes offer advice for students looking to clarify their path, improve academic performance, boost productivity, adapt to life at a university, and transition to adulthood.
  2. Crimson Education’s Podcast - A podcast presented by our very own Crimson Education team! The series features topics such as admissions, online education, and what students should do to get ahead!
  3. The Daily - From The New York Times, this podcast releases daily episodes that dive deep into current events! Staying up-to-date on current events is essential to being successful in college.
  4. Good Life Project - Not sure what your purpose is? Not sure what to study in college? Good Life Project’s episodes feature inspirational stories and speakers that might just help you find your path!
  5. How I Built This - Host Guy Raz dives into the stories behind some of the world's best-known companies. How I Built This weaves a narrative journey about innovators, entrepreneurs, and idealists—and the movements they built.
  6. The Indicator from Planet Money - This NPR podcast is a must for students! This series examines every aspect of the economy - especially those that impact college students most including interest rates, employment growth, and more!
  7. Pod Save America - This podcast addresses today’s most prominent political issues and shares tips on how anyone can help make the world a better place.
  8. Well Now - Preparing for and starting college can be nerve-wracking! College presents students with many challenges including more coursework, a new environment, more responsibilities, and self-examination. Well Now is an incredible podcast to help students take time for themselves.
  9. WorkLife with Adam Grant - Host Adam Grant is an organizational psychologist whose mission is to help young professionals thrive. This podcast gives listeners a glimpse into the job world and teaches soft skills necessary to be successful.
  10. Women Rule - This podcast highlights successful and powerful women and shares their stories and tips for happiness, success, and leveling up. This podcast is great for any students seeking inspiration and with the desire to change the world.
  11. Youth Radio - Created by teens, for teens, this podcast offers a teen perspective to listeners regarding current issues, social matters, and the transformation into adulthood.

Thanks for following along! We hope this series offered the resources and guidance you’ve been looking for to get ahead this summer. If you are looking for professional advice and admissions expertise, reach out to Crimson to learn more about our personalized programs. Crimson Education has helped guide thousands of students with explore their intellectual curiosity and potential career paths and gain admission to their dream universities! Chat with an advisor today!

Shannon F.

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Shannon F.

Shannon completed her Bachelors at Franklin University Switzerland where she majored in Comparative Literary and Cultural Studies & minored in Social Justice and Sustainability. Shannon has a passion for learning new languages, environmental and social justice, and immersing herself in new cultures. Shannon has worked in higher education and now works as an Education Coordinator with Crimson. Shannon currently lives in Southern California and enjoys reading, water polo, yoga, and traveling.