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Crimson's Class of 2023: Why July 4 Will Have A Special Meaning for These Students

JUL 04, 2019 • 7 min read

“Your education is a dress rehearsal for a life that is yours to lead.”

- Nora Ephron (Wellesley College Alumna)

In less than two months time, Crimson’s most recent high school graduates and world leading university admits will be moving into their dormitories on campuses located across the US and UK.

This Independence Day, we’d like to celebrate their achievements and share their thoughts on their academic futures and Crimson journeys, as they contemplate their next steps towards independence and beyond.

This year, Crimson students made leaps and bounds, securing over 60 acceptance letters for the Ivy League and nearly 20 admissions to the hallowed halls of both Oxford and Cambridge. Crimson students were accepted to world-leading universities at over 2 to 4 times the average application pool.


Many Crimson students were accepted to both Harvard and Oxford, including Sydney, Australia student, Lina. However, Lina’s outstanding results didn’t happen without a lot of hard work and dedication to academics. “It is all about striving for your best, not about who gets 100% or an A+ on their exams. These campuses want to create diverse multi-talented cohorts and I think everyone has something different they can bring to the table.”

Allie 2

Other students from across the world, secured admission to top 10 US universities including University of Chicago, University of Pennsylvania, Yale, Columbia, Duke and more!

Aspiring lawyer and Duke University Class of 2023 admit, Allie is excited to see how she can further explore her passion for political science. “I think a political science major will give me a real taste - to see if law is for me. Right now it is something I am really interested in, so it feels like the best fit at least to start with.”


University of Pennsylvania Class of 2023 admit and Benjamin Franklin Scholar, Chris, explains that he was drawn to UPenn’s rich liberal arts curriculum. “The liberal arts education allows you to experiment academically - which is perfect for me because I'm not really sure what I want to do in my life as yet - what course I want to major in, what career I want to pursue. At Penn, I am sure I will find my true academic passion but it’s nice to have some time to sample everything.”

Elaine and Don were both admitted to the University of Chicago’s, Class of 2023 and are very excited to explore all the opportunities UChicago will provide them.


Don, a London student, explains: “My lifetime goal is to build a career in economic public policy management back in the Congo. Or maybe be an ambassador for the Congo - one or the other. And I feel like studying at UChicago will give me, not just the knowledge and the expertise I need to reach those goals, but also the network, which I think is really important.”

US student, Elaine is eager to see how she can transform her future at the world-renowned University of Chicago. In her last year of high school, Elaine worked with Laura Yang, her Crimson Education Leadership Mentor and current Cornell student. Laura helped Elaine to strategise the development and implementation of a unique story book program for chronically ill children - describing their work together as transformative for them both.

Elaine U Chicago 1

"Elaine is incredibly mature for her age, both intellectually and emotionally. It took a combination of her dedication and ingenuity to create and continue working on such an impactful capstone project. It has been a great joy seeing her growth during our time together," Laura said.

Australian student Akio was admitted to Yale’s Class of 2023 and chose to apply Early Action because: “Their focus on collaboration really appealed to me. I loved doing group projects in school and I saw lots of opportunities to continue that at Yale. Beyond that of course, like all the Ivies, Yale has really great professors and all members of the Yale faculty teach undergrad classes, which I found quite exciting.”


Alternatively, London student Boris felt a massive sense of relief and excitement when he was accepted to Columbia University’s Class of 2023. “When I found out I’d been accepted into Columbia, I don’t know how to explain it. I was very, very happy. My grandma is staying with us right now and she stayed up late, waiting for the decisions to come in. So it was just so great to celebrate with her. It was a moment we will never forget.”

Next year... this could be you!

Learn how you can gain admission to top universities in the US and UK, flexing your independence and academic achievements as a student.

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