The Top 5 Universities Major Tech Companies Hire From

15/10/20194 minute read
The Top 5 Universities Major Tech Companies Hire From

Dreaming of a career in tech? Online career website, Paysa analyzed more than 286,000 resumes of people around the world who work at the top 100 companies in the tech sector, uncovering information about where most tech employees attended college.

Check out this list of schools below, compiled by Entrepreneur Asia Pacific that could increase your chances of getting a job offer at some of the most prevalent companies in the industry including Facebook, Google and Apple.

Surprisingly, the top ten list didn’t include some notorious tech schools including MIT, Harvard, Virginia Tech and Texas A&M. Proximity to companies proved to give students an edge, at Seattle-based Microsoft, 6.5% of employees are graduates of University of Washington, while 5.4% of Google employees and a whoppoing 16.1% of Snap Inc.’s workforce are Stanford grads.

1. The University of Washington

Seattle, Washington


As the most common college on employee resumes at top tech companies across America, appears 3,593 times, The University of Washington proves to be the epicenter of tech-nurturing for aspiring Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. UW’s Information School and the Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering provide students who are interested in analyzing and solving problems through design and build to pursue their passion for technology.

2. Carnegie Mellon University

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Coming in at a close second, Carnegie Mellon appeared on 3,491 resumes at top tech companies. CMU’s School of Computer Science and Heinz College of Information Systems and Public Policy empower students to think creatively when it comes to technology, posing life-changing questions and using research to tackle hard-hitting global issues.

3. Stanford University

Stanford, California


The globally-recognized Stanford University is well-known for its proximity to Silicon Valley and its inflow of tech grads. It comes as no surprise that 3,469 grads were found at tech giants across the world with its current reputation. Stanford’s School of Engineering has long been at the forefront of groundbreaking research and innovation, giving students the opportunity to explore their interests in science and technology.

4. The University of California, Berkeley

Berkeley, California

Uc Berkely

With just over 3,000 graduates topping the list, Berkeley provides top tech companies with students well-versed in all things tech. Berkeley’s School of Information is a leader in data science, information and tech, offering students the opportunity to move up the ladder with a Master’s or Doctorate degree in technology.

5. The University of Southern California

Los Angeles, California


Coming in 5th, University of Southern California appears on about 2,422 resumes of the largest tech companies in the world. Housed in the USC Marshall School of Business, The Institute for Communication Technology Management is “the world’s foremost institute dedicated to understanding the business impact of a rapidly evolving and technology-driven landscape.”