Happy Holidays from the Global Crimson Education Team

15/12/20194 minute read
Happy Holidays from the Global Crimson Education Team

Crimson Team

Crimson’s Staff from their 20 Offices Around the World Wish you Happy Holidays

As 2019 quickly draws to a close, our global offices are celebrating the hard work of all their students. From London to Shanghai, Auckland to San Francisco, Sydney to Johannesburg, our teams and their country managers are incredibly proud of what their students have achieved and their part in helping them reach their ultimate university goals.

As we grow, we remain committed to our mission and are excited to be working with our current and new students in 2020.

But in the interest of taking the time to contemplate the ‘year that was’, we asked our country managers to share their favourite moments from 2019!

Team Australia:

“My favourite moment was seeing our successful Australian students take to the stage at our US & UK University Expos. Watching them then inspire other high school students sitting before them - students they had been a mere six months before - was something truly special.”

Team Australia

Team Thailand:

“Our favourite moments for 2019 was seeing Thai students winning two global prizes for winter sport competition. We had another student selected to participate in a business competition from the largest public company in Thailand and, to top the year off, we had recent news that one of our Crimson students just got accepted to Stanford!!”

Team Thailand

Team South Africa:

“South Africa's favourite moment was when our Ivy League admit in previous admission round when he really didn't think he'd get in.”

Team Sa

Team USA:

“Team USA's favourite memory of 2019 was watching students like Elaine and Dafi - just to name two - execute life-changing extracurriculars and gain admission to UChicago and UC Berkeley and other first choice universities.”

Team Usa

Team New Zealand:

“Our favourite moment was when Soumil - one of Crimson’s first success stories now a senior at Harvard- came back to Auckland to visit and tell us all about his life-changing experiences. That was awe-inspiring.”

Team Nz

Team Brazil

" Our favorite moment was Ivy Results Day. It was unforgettable for us to see some of our hard-working students to be accepted in their dream schools. That is what makes our work so special and unique to everyone in our team."

Team Brazil

Team Germany:

“Germany's favourite moment was seeing a student work really hard on their application - improving their SAT score so significantly that they were eventually admitted to Columbia!”

Team Germany

Team UK:

“The UK's favourite moment was hearing the incredible stories of how Crimson tutors and mentors helped Anika, Josh, Don and Boris throughout their journeys from the UK to America during our #Accepted Student Panel in our London office. Their excitement, passion and willingness to share was inspiring.”

Team Uk

And from Ireland:

“Ireland’s favourite moment was having the opportunity to speak to many schools around Dublin. We really enjoyed being able to help students understand their opportunities. One stand out example of this was when we had a former Ivy League admissions officer come out to share with students about the opportunities in the US and what to be considering when looking to study overseas.”

Team Russia

" Our favourite moment was when we heard our Crimson student was made an offer to MIT. There are only two students who got made offers from MIT for the last 2 years and we are proud that 1 of them was our Crimson student."

Team Russia

Team Singapore:

“Singapore's favourite moment for 2019 was witnessing a student make the most of his time in National Service (mandatory military service) to launch an environmental advocacy movement, garnering national media attention. Pretty proud of the fact that he's currently studying at Dartmouth College as well!”

Team Singapore

Team Taiwan:

“Taiwan’s favorite moments for 2019 were seeing Taiwanese students doing amazing things including being selected for Nationals honors society, building their own community services projects and winning an Olympiad award!”

Team Vietnam:

“Seeing Vietnamese Students become more and more competitive and unleash their fullest potential to reach to their dream schools was a highlight. Hearing of their acceptances to schools like Edinburgh’s St Andrews or Boston University or Cornell was icing on the cake!”

Team UAE:

“UAE’s favorite moment was seeing one of our students get awarded the GCSE prize for being the top student in the Middle East!”

Team Uae

Team Kazakhstan:

“Our favourite moment during our second admissions cycle here in Kazakhstan and seeing our very first clients to be accepted in Brown, NYU Abu Dhabi, University College London and Imperial College London for medicine!”

Team Kazakhstan

From all of us here at Crimson Education, we wish you a safe and happy holiday season.