Crimson Acceptance Rates For The Class of 2027

19/04/202310 minute read
Crimson Acceptance Rates For The Class of 2027

Crimson students are shattering records in the 2023 round with offers from all 8 Ivy League universities, Stanford, MIT, Duke, UCLA, UC Berkeley, and many more! Keep reading for more detail on our Class of 2027 statistics (updating regularly).

Congratulations to Crimson’s Class of 2027!

Our students have defied the odds and earned admission to the most competitive schools in the US. Despite lower acceptance rates at many universities, Crimson students have continued to impress with their outstanding applications.
The table below reports our Class of 2027 student offers, and is being updated regularly as our students reach out to their Crimson mentors with their life-changing admissions news. Keep watching for further updates!

Class of 2027 Crimson Student Offers (to date)
UniversityCrimson Offers (Class of 2027)
Johns Hopkins23

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Crimson’s Class of 2027 Regular Round Decision Results

More than 600 Crimson students have been admitted to the Ivy League! Here is a breakdown of Crimson’s Class of 2027 top university admit numbers.

  • 95+ Crimson Ivy League offers, including 66 offers to the most competitive Ivies — Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Columbia, and UPenn.
  • UPenn offers included several to Penn’s Wharton School of Business and the prestigious Huntsman Program.
  • 65+ offers to US Top 10 universities, including Stanford, MIT, UChicago, Duke, Northwestern, John Hopkins, and Caltech.
  • 20+ UC Berkeley offers

Our UPenn results are mind blowing. With 2400 admits, our 41 offers reflect 1.7% of the incoming class. International students make up 13% of the class. Of the 312 international admits, we are a mind boggling 8.3% of international student admissions!

At Yale, there was 2275 admits. We are 1% of admissions and 5% of international student admissions! 

At Stanford, there was 2050 admits approximately. We are 1% of admissions and 6.3% of international student admissions! 

We are so excited for Crimson’s Class of 2027 and can’t wait to share their success stories with you! Keep an eye on our blog and website for more regular round admission results.

Final Thoughts: How we help students like you?

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Congratulations, Students! From Crimson Strategists