Unprecedented Times Aside, These Are The Key Benefits of Online Education

19/01/20216 minute read
Unprecedented Times Aside, These Are The Key Benefits of Online Education

Thanks to the pandemic, many students around are learning virtually against their wishes; but what most don’t realize is that online education has a long list of perks when it’s provided by a qualified institution!

COVID-19 has forced students around the world into virtual classrooms, which has posed many challenges for students who — like most — have spent their entire lives learning in person. But the problem that plagues most traditional classrooms-gone-digital isn’t that schooling is an inherently in-person experience; it’s that schools built to operate in person aren’t equipped to shift online. Their resources and instructors — at no fault of their own — are best for schooling in classrooms that fit the mold we’re already accustomed to.

Despite the difficulties that have emerged in the era of digital learning, there are many benefits to online education! In a classroom designed for virtual learning, with the right instructors and resources, many students can thrive.

The truth is that brick-and-mortar schools aren’t right for everyone. Some students suffer from anxiety or a high degree of distraction in traditional learning environments; some thrive on independent work and feel restricted by the classroom setting; some feel limited by the schools in their area, which keep them from reaching the academic level they know they can achieve. For these students, there is much to be gained from online education.

Crimson’s online high school, Crimson Global Academy, was designed for students like these. By incorporating leading technology and resources with a future-oriented approach and a genuine desire to optimize education for every student, online schools like CGA offer a learning opportunity that can take many students to a higher level in school and beyond.

Though they may be difficult to recognize given the circumstances many schools are dealing with, there are several benefits of virtual learning when it’s done right. Here are just a few:

Everyone gets the same shot

No matter where in the world you are, so long as you have an internet connection, you can glean the full benefit of a comprehensive online education. Many school districts struggle with budget restrictions and a lack of qualified teachers, resulting in schools where putting students’ needs first can be all but impossible. This isn’t the case with dedicated online schools where everyone, regardless of where or who you are, gets the same chance and the same level of investment.

You get to be taught by the best

The teachers provided by accredited online schools are not only going to be experts in their subjects, they are also going to know exactly how best to teach in an online environment. With so many schools closed during the pandemic, teachers are left struggling to work out how to teach digitally and are not given the resources necessary to do it well. Online high schools, however, are set up for exactly that purpose and know how to do it best. As a result, students can trust that they will be taught by competent, engaging and enthusiastic professionals who want to inspire them and know how to help them learn.

Your peers are students from all over the world

A diversity of opinions increases your depth of understanding, and with students from across the globe in your classes, there is no shortage of unique perspectives and experiences. Contrary to what some people believe, learning online does not lead to a lack of interaction with your peers. On the contrary, many online learning institutions work hard to foster relationships between students through group projects and discussion groups, and while traditional schools are limited by who lives nearby, online schools enroll students from all over the world — meaning there are no geographic or cultural limitations!

There’s a high degree of flexibility

Countless studies have shown that traditional school hours do not fit with the sleep cycles of the average teenager, and that mental wellbeing as well as exam results suffer when a student’s lifestyle needs are not met. Online high schools allow for this and offer a variety of class schedules so students can pick what works best for them. Students also don’t have to fear missing out on vital learning time if they need to take time off for things such as doctor’s visits, since lessons and materials are available to reference later on.

Online schooling can target your strengths and spot your weaknesses

If you are a whiz at maths but struggle with essays, or love history but need to work more on Spanish, online schools can help. It’s easy to accelerate into a higher level class when you demonstrate your abilities and higher level options are readily available. Similarly, when students struggle in a given subject, extra help is easily available. On top of this, smaller class sizes are a staple for most online schools, meaning individual students can receive more focused instruction when needed.

You’ll learn valuable life skills

We’re living in a digital world, and when students enter the workforce they’ll be far more likely to have a job that looks like an online school than a brick-and-mortar one. Being familiar with the cutting edge technology that online schools employ will set students ahead when embarking on their career journey. Online learning also fosters independence and self-motivation as it’s up to students to optimize their resources. These will set you leagues ahead in both the world of work and higher education, as well as simply making you a more productive and capable person.

You’ll be better prepared for the next steps in your educational journey

When thinking about pursuing higher education, it’s advantageous to have as many options as possible available to you. Whether you want to go to the most selective institution in your country or travel the world to learn overseas, there are steps that must be taken that many traditional schools simply can’t provide. Online schools have a larger variety of courses on offer and provide access to whatever standardised tests and exams may be required. This gives you more options to decide what next step is the best fit for you, and ensures you are ready to face the challenge.

Crimson Global Academy provides all these benefits and more. Want to learn more about what CGA can do for you and your university goals? Schedule a free consultation with one of our academic advisors today.