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Storytelling: Standing Out in US College Admissions!

An Exclusive Crimson Education Webinar Tuesday 15th June 6:30pm to 8pm (UK time)

Write a personal essay that will impress Admissions Officers!

Often, the most challenging part of a US university application for an international student is the personal essay. The writing style, tone and topic are vastly different from the UK personal statement meaning extra preparation is vital.

In the US personal essay, you need to tell your story and show your personality to the admissions team. Admissions officers are looking to see how well you would fit into their university - both in the classroom and in the dorms. 

But, how do you decide what your story should be about? And how do you tell your story in an effective way to an admissions officer who will likely spend around 4 minutes reading your entire application?

In this webinar, we've got Sam Clark, Professional TV Writer and Harvard Alumnus, joining us to break down the components of a good personal essay and give you the tools to write a good story.

Essay workshop
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In this webinar you will:


Find out how top-ranked universities use your personal and supplemental essays to evaluate your application


Discover the components of a good personal essay


Find out what makes a personal essay stand out to admissions officers


Learn an exercise in how to craft a compelling story

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