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Q&A with a UPenn Former Admissions Officer

An exclusive Crimson Education webinar Tuesday 7th June 6:30pm to 8:00pm (BST) Ideal for students in years 10-12 and their parents

Get your questions answered by an admissions expert!

With a complex admissions process and staggeringly low acceptance rates, international students looking to study in the US start the process with hundreds of questions.

Crimson is here to demystify the application journey and ensure all students are armed with the knowledge they need to give themselves the greatest chance of success.

So what do you tackle first and how do you beat those sub-4% acceptance rates?

Join Eileen Dougherty, Former UPenn Admissions Officer, in this webinar as she answers the questions frequently asked by British and European students about applying to the US.

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The types of questions we'll be asking:

  • How do I know which university is right for me?
  • When should I be starting the application process?
  • What is it that you want to know about a student after reading their personal essay?
  • What types of extracurricular activities have caught your eye before?
  • Should an international student still take the SAT/ACT?
  • How do I prepare for an interview?
  • Should I apply early action/decision?

At the end of the webinar we will turn it to you, so come prepared with anything you want answering by a Former Ivy League Admissions Officer!

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How Crimson can help

Applying to top US universities is a difficult and stressful task which is why so many students seek external support.

Each of our programmes are tailored to the student and are delivered by a carefully selected team of mentors who provide focussed support with each and every aspect of the process - from university selection to essay writing and SAT preparation.

By signing up for this webinar you will get a 1:1 university strategy meeting for you and your child with one of our expert Academic Advisors. They will review your child’s academic and extracurricular profile, provide tailored guidance as to suitable university pathways and outline what they need to do to achieve their goals.

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