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Are You a Prospective US College Rowing Recruit?

Are you a Prospective US College Rowing Recruit? Hear former NCAA D1 Rowing Champion and UC Berkeley Graduate and discover the fundamentals of US College Rowing recruitment, from 2km ergs to SAT’s, and everything in between.

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US College Sports Webinar Series

Dream of being a College Athlete at unis like UCLA or Harvard? Grab your free ticket and open your future to a world of possibilities! Wednesday 12th October at 6:30pm BST.

About This Webinar

Few college sports are as old as rowing, which its storied history in the United States dates all the way back to 1852 when Yale and Harvard faced off for the first intercollegiate boat race.

Today, there are approximately 215 collegiate rowing programs across Men’s, Women’s, and Lightweight categories, with fierce competition for scholarship positions on teams.

So how can your academic and athletic abilities get you recruited and study at a top US university?

Watch our webinar and discover the fundamentals of US College Rowing recruitment from former NCAA D1 Rowing Champion and Crimson Academic Advisor, Jacinta.

In this webinar we cover:

  • Men’s, Women’s, & Lightweight College Rowing
  • Recruitment & Development
  • Schools, Divisions, & Scholarships
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Meet the Speaker

Jacinta Edmunds - NCAA D1 Rowing Champion | UC Berkeley Graduate

Jacinta attended the University of California, Berkeley on an NCAA Division 1 full scholarship, majoring in Sociology. Furthering her studies at Charles Sturt University, focusing on Ethics in Information Technology.

Also an Australian Rowing Team representative, Jacinta has successfully competed on the international stage over the last decade. Most notably, medalling in the Women’s 8+ in 2019 and qualifying for the Tokyo Olympics.


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