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What Parents of Private School Students Should Know About Top US College Admissions

Private schools are known for their impressive academics, vast extracurriculars, notable alumni network, and more often than not, their competitive environment. When it comes to US college admissions, this competition becomes greater than ever.

However, private school education does not equate to acceptance to top universities. There’s a lot more that goes into a college application! If your child is in year 11 or 12, download our guide to learn how your child can boost their chances!

What's in the guide?

At Crimson, we have a lot of experience working with top private school students, they recognise the challenge they face applying to the US and understand the value of external support. This guide outlines what you should know as a private school parent, and what steps you can take to increase your child's chances of admission. The guide includes information on:

Niche Academics =/= Competitive Academics

Learn why niche academics at private schools (Latin or the History of Art etc.) don't always match up to standardised curriculums.


Private school students are held to higher standards as they typically have access to more resources and support.

Competition and Yield

There are only so many spots in each incoming class that universities have a threshold of how many students they should admit from each top private school.

The Limits of Local Advising

University counsellors at private schools are experts when it comes to Oxbridge admission. However, when it comes to the US, especially for the lesser-known (but still high ranking) universities, that's where their knowledge can suffer.

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Offers to the Ivy League


Offers to the US Top 50 universities


Offers to Oxford or Cambridge


Offers to the UK Top 10 universities

Why work with Crimson?

Crimson is a university admissions support network that offers chargeable programmes of university admissions support. We believe that students require assistance from not just one but several people in order to achieve their maximal potential. This is why each programme is delivered by a carefully selected team of mentors who provide focussed support with each and every aspect of the process - from university selection to essay writing and SAT preparation.

You can kickstart the conversation with us in a complimentary online consultation. In your consultation, you will meet an Academic Advisor who will review your academic and extracurricular profile, provide tailored guidance as to suitable university pathways and outline what you need to do to achieve your goals.

We enjoy excellent relationships with many of the UK’s leading schools, including Dulwich College, Eton College, Harrow School and Haileybury and support them in providing the highest quality advice on university admissions to students.

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