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From Private School to Top US Universities

Private schools are known for their impressive academics, vast extracurriculars, notable alumni network, and more often than not, their competitive environment. When it comes to US college admissions, this competition becomes greater than ever.

However, private school education does not equate to acceptance to top universities. There’s a lot more that goes into a college application!

US Universities

Why Private School Students Face Greater Competition When Applying To Top US Universities?


Private schools offer great facilities, resources, and support to their students. As a result, private school students applying to the US are being held to a much higher and competitive standard.

Competition and Yield

There are only so many spots in each incoming class that universities have a threshold of how many students they should admit from each top private school.

The Limits of Local School Advising

University counsellors at private British and European schools are experts when it comes to Oxbridge and top European universities admission. However, when it comes to the US, especially for the lesser-known (but still high ranking) universities, that's where their knowledge can suffer.

Niche Academics =/= Competitive Academics

Niche academics at private schools (Latin or the History of Art etc.) don't always match up to standardised curriculums and can hinder your child's chances of standing out from the crowd.

Why Seek External Support from a Consultancy Service

The process of applying to US universities is not only complex, but also highly competitive, with acceptance rates to top universities like Harvard, now under 4%. Seeking external support from a university admissions consultancy like Crimson lifts students above the global applicant pool as their application is being read and critiqued by experts who have first-hand knowledge of what these top universities are looking for.

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Crimson is here to help!

Each Crimson programme is tailored to the student and delivered by a carefully selected team of mentors who provide focused support with each and every aspect of the process.

We are proud to say that students who work with us are four times as likely to get into their dream university than those who apply alone.

By speaking to one of our Academic Advisors you will receive;

  • A full review of your child’s academic and extracurricular profile
  • Tailored guidance as to their suitable university pathways
  • An outline of what they need to do to achieve their goals
University strategy

Multi-year support with application preparation and submission with the help of a personalised roadmap.

Admission test tutoring

One-to-one sessions covering test content, technique and confidence for the best chance of getting a great score.

Essay development

Support with personal essay ideation, tone, language and structure as well as multi-draft feedback.

Extracurricular mentoring

Extracurricular and leadership project planning, execution and reporting to ensure passion and impact are demonstrated in the application.

Interview preparation

Coaching on how to answer common questions and communicate a story persuasively.

Financial aid and scholarship strategy

Guidance on the options, requirements and help completing necessary paperwork.

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