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The value of a university education

The benefits of a world-class university education are endless but the ones to focus on are the incredible opportunities they can provide both as a student and a graduate, the unparalleled alumni network that you have for life, and the high-flying salaries they set you up to get.

This is why the acceptance rates to these universities are notoriously low - Oxbridge acceptance rates go as low as 15% and some Ivy League’s drop to a staggering 4%.

Applying to top universities is a difficult task which is why so many students seek external support.

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Get expert support from Crimson

Crimson was established in 2013 with the core goal of helping students access the world's leading universities. We provide formal programmes of support with everything from university selection and essay writing to extracurricular mentoring and academic enhancement.

We pride ourselves on having a broad network of inspiring mentors, who are graduates of these top universities themselves, and believe that students need the help of not just one but several specialists in order to realise their maximum potential. This is why each of our students is assigned a carefully-curated team of mentors who deliver a tailored programme of support.

Data driven

We use a sophisticated algorithm to carefully match mentors to students and we are able to leverage the data we gather as a global company to benchmark student performance.

The many not the one

Our students are supported by not just one but several mentors, each of which focuses on a different part of the process. Research shows that a diversity of opinions results in more chance of success!

Early preperation

It takes many years to develop the kind of strong and rounded profile that top universities seek. For this reason, we start work with students from age 14 on their academic and extracurricular profile.

Holistic approach

Top universities seek students that excel in more than one area. This is why our programmes encompass support with every aspect of the application process.

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The value of a university strategy meeting

You can kickstart the conversation with us in a complimentary university strategy meeting. In the meeting, our expert Academic Advisors will provide;

  • A full review of your academic and extracurricular profile
  • Tailored guidance as to suitable university pathways
  • An outline of what they need to do to achieve their goals

We enjoy excellent relationships with many of the UK’s leading schools, including Dulwich College, Harrow School and Haileybury and support them in providing the highest quality advice on university admissions to students.

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