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How much do you know about the most prestigious university in the US?

What is Harvard University looking for?

Harvard is looking for the leaders and change-makers of tomorrow. As a result, it attracts - and seeks - well-rounded students who are not only eager to learn but likely to inspire others. Whilst strong academics are a must, students must also demonstrate extracurricular engagement and clear personal qualities. In short, good grades are not enough!

In the last year alone, the number of European students applying to US universities like Harvard and Stanford rose by 4.26%. As well as offering a truly rounded education, the US is famed for delivering fantastic extracurricular opportunities and high graduate salaries.


Why work with Crimson?

Crimson is a university admissions support network that offers chargeable programmes of university admissions support. We believe that students require assistance from not just one but several people in order to achieve their maximum potential. This is why each programme is delivered by a carefully-selected team of mentors who provide focussed support with each and every aspect of the process - from university selection to essay writing and SAT preparation.

You can kickstart the conversation with us in a complimentary university strategy meeting. In your meeting, you will meet an expert Academic Advisor who will review your academic and extracurricular profile, provide tailored guidance as to suitable university pathways and outline what you need to do to achieve your goals.

We enjoy excellent relationships with many of the UK’s leading schools, including Dulwich College, Harrow School and Haileybury and support them in providing the highest quality advice on university admissions to students.

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Why it's important to start as soon as possible

Did you know that how you perform in the last 4 years of school may affect your world-leading university admissions chances? US Universities ask for information on your achievements over your last 4 years at school so it's crucial to start developing your application strategy and let your personal brand shine through as soon as possible.

+ Time - applying to the US/UK requires knowing what's required and getting ready early

+ Strategy - know when you should start on various elements of the application and which sections take time priority over others

+ Knowledge - can you identify your best-fit university based on your grades, ambitions, interests and location?

+ Extracurricular activities - what are you currently doing and how can you expand upon your leadership candidacy and make a real difference in areas associated with your personal talents and passions?

+ Academics - know how you are tracking compared to others and what’s needed to gain admission to your dream university!


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