They Beat the Odds and Got #Accepted. Will You Be Next?

Despite facing a world of obstacles, over 2,221 Crimson students were accepted to top US and UK universities starting in September 2022.

From all around the world, we’re celebrating our students’ success

In the 2022 US admissions round, Crimson students received record offers from 50+ Top US universities including Harvard, Yale, Columbia, UPenn, Stanford, Brown, Cornell, Dartmouth, UChicago, Northwestern, Caltech, Vanderbilt, Rice and more.

As for our UK applicants, they received more than 1500+ offers from 10 Top UK universities including Oxford, Cambridge, UCL, Imperial, King’s College London, the University of Edinburgh and more.

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Offers to the Ivy League


Offers to Oxford & Cambridge


Offers to US Top 50 Universities


Offers to UK Top 10 Universities

How we can help you get #Accepted

+ Crimson pairs you with a team of carefully selected strategists, mentors and tutors whose expertise align with your individual needs, goals and learning style.

+ You will receive support from matched experts in standardized test prep, extracurricular profile building, personal statement and supplemental essay mentoring and preparing for that all-important admissions interview.

+ Our experts also help narrow down on the best-fit university list based on your academic goals, intended areas of study, location, and more!

And what is the result? Last round 98% of students received an offer from at least one of the universities on their application list, with many gaining admission to three, four, five or more of their chosen schools.

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