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Globeducate Europe: European & Australasian University Workshops

Exclusive Crimson Education workshops on European and Australasian admissions.

European universities

There are over 2,500 universities across Europe to choose from. Many students stay local for their higher education due to the lower tuition fees and less rigorous admissions processes compared to their UK and US counterparts.

Although these factors may not elude to quality, in fact five of the world’s top 50 universities are located in continental Europe, including; ETH Zurich, University of Copenhagen and EPFL.

In these workshops, we will introduce you to the opportunities on offer in Europe and how you can boost your chances of admission.

European Universities
What each workshop will be covering:
Europe 1Europe 2Europe 3
The European Jungle; an intro to the university landscapeHow to choose a “best-fit” university; the factors to considerReasons to choose Europe as a study destination
The harmonisation of curricula across Europe, with the contribution of 87 European universitiesUniversity world rankingsThe unique opportunities that Europe offers
Activity 1Subject-specific rankingsEU vs non-EU student: what’s the difference?
Comparing the different types of European universitiesA caution about rankings
Activity 2How to prepare an application
Key countries overview

Australasian universities

On the other side of the world lies some brilliant university options in Australia and New Zealand. Not only are they beautiful, culturally-rich countries they are also home to 4 of the top 50 universities in the world.

Many global companies – whether it’s banking, consulting, or technology – have a strong presence in Australia’s capital cities, so students have good access to internships and work experience programs.

In these workshops, we will introduce you to the opportunities on offer in Australasia and why it makes such a compelling option.

Australasian Universities
What the workshop will be covering:
Features and benefits of the Australasian university system
Australasia as a university destination; what options are on offer
Reasons for choosing to study in Australasia
Key countries overview; Australia and New Zealand

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