Harvard and Yale Model UN - Day 7: Debating at Yale Continues

Posted 3 years ago

20/01/2017: Day 7 of our tour began with the whole group meeting at the Yale Model United Nations and deciding what we would like to do for the majority of the day. The options included workshops, lectures, tours of Yale and a professor’s lunch. Most of us chose to attend a Neuroscience lecture that taught us the basics of the human brain. The lecturer also brought in his dog called Sasha who was very friendly and was more than happy to cuddle and take selfies with everyone!

Dog Selfies

After the lecture, we split off into our different groups - some of the students decided to take a risk at getting into the professor’s lunch (as it was limited to around 60 seats) while the rest of the groups participated in workshops or took a tour around Yale.

The tour around Yale taught us plenty about the campuses long history with its roots tracing all the way back to the 1640s! During the tour, we also heard about the many secret societies scattered around the campus and it’s surrounding grounds. Our tour guide could not tell us exactly what happens in these societies but we were amazed by the mysterious, gothic buildings that these societies called home. Our tour took a detour past the statue of Theodore Dwight Woolsey, an American academic and president of Yale College from 1846 - 1871. It is rumored that you should rub his gold toe for good luck and we all giddily obliged!

Rub my Toe

The tour finished with a trip through Yale’s beautiful libraries that have to be seen to be believed. From the outside, the buildings often resemble more of a church than a library and once you step inside it feels as if you are entering another era. Book shelves scale the walls right up to impossibly high ceilings, completely enveloping you in over 300 years of academic readings. It’s truly unlike any library you could imagine (unless, of course, you’ve visited Yale before).


After getting involved in various Yale-centric activities, the students went off to their next committee session for more Model UN debating. Amongst the debating, everyone has been learning a lot and meeting many new friends, which is exciting to see. Once committee sessions came to an end, as a group we watched the Yale showcase that included dance, music, acting, and comedy from current Yale students. It was an entertaining evening, that capped of another fantastic and busy day.

Tomorrow, we have more Model UN debates scheduled as well as some more workshops and lectures to attend at Yale. Keep up with our adventures via our Facebook, Instagram and blog pages.

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