Harvard and Yale Model UN - Day 16: Last Hurrah, M.I.T Tour

Posted 3 years ago

Wow, it’s already the last day of our trip! Time has flown by, but we’ve had an incredible time and were intent to make our last hurrah no different. We began our final adventure by heading to Harvard Square! Once we got to Harvard Square, we met with Harvard graduate and CEO of Crimson, Jamie Beaton for a tour around campus. Jamie was great fun and gave us a really impassioned, insightful tour around campus. It was clear to see Jamie really loved his time at Harvard and we gained a valuable insight into what student life at Harvard is really like. After completing our circuit of Harvard, we were all pretty hungry, so, we headed out at the very popular and iconic fast-food restaurant, Shake Shack, where we had a quick (and delicious) bite to eat.

After lunch we then went to our very last university tour of the trip, visiting Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)! We walked around for a while, looking at the different and unique buildings MIT has, all the while trying a myriad of different techniques to stay as warm as possible, we tried: huddling together, hugging, induced shivering and even star jumps and running on the spot, all to little avail.

Our tour ended and we caught the subway back to the Sheraton Hotel where everyone who participated in the Harvard Model UN (HMUN) were staying. By this point, we were once again hungry and thought it would be a great way to cap off the tour to have dinner altogether. Luckily, due to the cold, it wasn’t so busy out on the streets and we managed to be seated at Wagamama, a trendy and delicious asian inspired restaurant. We all chatted away and filled ourselves up before going back to our hotel rooms to reflect on all of the memories made throughout our trip.

The four faculty advisors who accompanied the students on the trip received a phone call to come down to the lobby. Expecting the worst, the advisors were met with cake, cards and gifts organised by the students as a show of thanks and gratitude! To once again be all together celebrating our journey was an amazing moment. We decided to work our way around the group and share each of our highlights, the most popular highlight being “creating new friends that already feel like family!” We all laughed and some of us cried that this was all coming to an end, unsure as to whether we were happy to be going home or not.

Overall, this trip has been absolutely incredible, an eye opening experience for everyone involved. From college applications and UN debating to ordering the best burger at Shake Shac; we all managed to learn something new from each other and our different experiences. While now over, The HYMUN trip will live on through the many fond memories we hold and the new friendships we’ve formed. Until next year, thanks for everything

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