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Jasmine Celtel

UK Strategy Consultant


University of Oxford
BA English Language & Literature

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Jasmine is a Strategist at Crimson who is currently based in Manchester. They are well acquainted with the application process, as they are a recent graduate from the University of Oxford, and they’re keen to share their first-hand experience with students. 

While studying at Oxford, Jasmine worked with several tuition firms to develop resources to help aspiring students make strong applications to top universities, covering the admissions exams and areas of interest to explore in interviews. This is because Jasmine really cares about student access to the best higher education, an interest that pushed them to create, host, and deliver a lecture series in their third year.

Now at Crimson, Jasmine centres on student outcomes, their goals, and encourages students to consider their future aspirations as a part of their university planning. The application process is a time for students to reflect on their development over the years, and Jasmine recognises that as a Strategist. Making the most of the application process is essential to Jasmine’s strategy, and they aim for every one of their students to enrich their minds and improve their academic development in this time.

Outside of work, Jasmine likes to expand their academic background by taking multiple different courses and attending academic conferences. They also enjoy podcasts, creative writing, and music, and can often be found singing at open mic nights and with friends.