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The Ultimate Resource Bank for Science Students

A shortcut to the best resources for coding, biology, maths, research and more!
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About the Resource Bank

If you want to go from being a science student to an actual scientist, you need the right resources.

The Ultimate Resource Bank will fast-track your learning as you get an insight into the favourite YouTube channels, podcasts, websites, social handles and more from some of the world’s top young scientists.

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What's in the Resource Bank

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The Top of the Class Podcast

All of the student contributors were featured on the Top of the Class podcast. Topics covered in the podcast include:

  • How to start an app company in high school
  • How to win major science fairs
  • How to conduct research in high school
  • How a 12-year-old raised $2M for charity
  • How to win a global case competition
  • Insights into the world’s top universities
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The Contributors to the Resource Bank

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