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Our European University Admissions Strategists and Application Mentors

Our Crimson strategists & mentors are some of the most accomplished university graduates in the world - hailing from Franklin University, Maastricht University, ESCP Europe & more!

Why Study in Europe?

European universities hold many high places in the world university rankings. Here are five key reasons a student may choose to study at a world-leading EU university:

  1. High-caliber European universities often offer great value for your money with fees that are much lower compared with universities in the UK or the US.

  2. Many European universities are rising in the global rankings and have established strong global reputations in specific academic areas.

  3. Diversity in teaching methodology, style of learning, university size and location: in a small continent there is so much to choose from!

  4. Immersion into century-old cultures, rich in history and customs; with a Schengen Visa, you can travel throughout the continent in just an hour!

  5. European-based study provides you with the opportunity to study in a second language — and maybe learn a third, fourth, or fifth!

Who we are

Our EU Admissions Results

Our goal is to help each student achieve their personal university admissions goals, and our EU team has helped students successfully gain admission to their preferred universities since 2019.

Meet Our European Strategists

Meet Our European Application Mentors

Spanish Speaking Programmes

Crimson now provides strategy and application support for students applying to English-speaking programmes across Europe and Spanish-speaking programmes across Spain, with strategists specializing in medicine, social sciences, economics and business, and engineering admissions.

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