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Building a Well-Rounded Profile in Middle School: Entrepreneurship and Personal Projects

Discover how entrepreneurship and personal projects can vastly enhance your pre-teen's academic and admissions profile. Ready to elevate your middle schooler’s journey to success? Join us!

Wednesday, June 12th
5:30 PM PT | 8:30 PM ET

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Is Your Pre-Teen an Innovator in the Making?

Discover how embracing entrepreneurship and personal projects can set your middle schooler apart, with or without the classroom's confines. Our webinar explores the critical role of extracurricular engagement in enhancing your child's profile, starting now.

As summer approaches, think of the extra time as an added bonus for your child to further explore and develop these initiatives. Join us to uncover actionable strategies and inspiring success stories, paving the way for a summer that could transform your pre-teen's progression into leadership and innovation.

Webinar Highlights:

  • Strategic Profile Enhancement: Gain critical insight into the role student-driven entrepreneurship projects and personal ventures play in crafting a well-rounded admissions profile.
  • Project Development Pathways: Explore proven strategies for selecting, developing, and showcasing projects that align with your child’s unique strengths and interests.
  • Inspirational Success Stories: Be motivated by real-world examples of students who have made tangible impacts with their projects, opening doors to prestigious educational institutions.
  • Interactive Q&A Session: Have your specific questions addressed by experts, providing tailored guidance to support your child’s educational journey and profile development.
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Our Speaker

Audrey Thorne

Meet Audrey Thorne, (Harvard M.Ed.), U.S. Boarding & Day School Admissions Strategist

  • Educational Excellence: Audrey earned her Bachelor's degree in English with honors from Harvard University in 2019, where she was also the Co-President of the Undergraduate Business Society.
  • Experienced Educator: Following her graduation, Audrey enriched her expertise as a Teaching Fellow at Harvard, further pursuing a Master’s in Education.
  • Decade of Admissions Expertise: With over ten years dedicated to private and university admissions counseling, Audrey has a proven track record of helping international students secure places at prestigious institutions like The Spence School, Horace Mann, Northwestern University, and Georgetown University.

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Building a Well-Rounded Profile in Middle School: Entrepreneurship and Personal Projects