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The impact of coronavirus on education and how Crimson can help

In response to the ongoing crisis, this page acts as a toolbox of resources and information to help keep our community well-informed. The following page includes:

  • Relevant and up-to-date news on how COVID-19 is affecting the academic sphere
  • Blogs curated by our team providing tips and tricks as to how to cope and up your game despite current challenges
  • Links to all our webinars which provide further information and advice as to what you can do to make the most of academic and extracurricular opportunities during COVID-19
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A letter from our CEO Jamie Beaton

Dear Crimson Community,

First of all, we hope that you are all staying safe during this global pandemic. With the evolving COVID-19 situation, we know that a lot is uncertain and our team is here to keep you informed on what we know and how best to deal with the rapidly moving international environment. We are here to support you in every way possible as this situation develops – the benefit of our online model is that in storms like this, we are uniquely positioned to stay steady and focused on ensuring that it doesn’t stand in the way of you doing epic things.

I’m sure many of you have questions as to how admissions, testing, upcoming summer programs, high school subject tutoring and extracurricular activities and learning might be affected by COVID-19. Crimson is here to help you navigate through these uncertain times and provide you with up-to-date information as well as keep you abreast of what our Crimson Community has been doing to make a difference. Below we have compiled a list of links to websites and resources to help you seek out information about the present crisis, as well as access to our own COVID-19 related content, which can help students find new ideas and ways to retain and improve their candidacy despite the unique challenge posed by this period in time.

While the world is going through unprecedented disruption during this virus across the global physical school system, with our online delivery model and global network, we are here to support you every step of the way. Be proactive, be entrepreneurial, and demonstrate your resilience.

Thank You,

Jamie Beaton, Crimson Education Co-Founder and CEO

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Important Updates & Resources

Follow for the most up to date resources on COVID-19 impacts on education

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Check out our latest webinar

The Coronavirus and College Admissions: Your Academics, Extracurriculars and College Applications. Speakers are Jamie B. and USA Country Manager, Anjali B.
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Crimson webinars to watch at home

Check out some of our most recent webinars on COVID-19, academics, extracurriculars, high school self study and more.

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Online Learning Services

Crimson is introducing some new Online Learning services (in 5, 10 and 20 hr per month packages) in multiple curricula conducted by some of the world’s best tutors and teachers including graduates from the Ivy League, Oxford, Cambridge and more. You can choose from IB, A Levels, AP, SAT/ACT/ SAT II, Bespoke Curriculum or Extracurricular and Leadership mentoring or a combination of various elements. Prices starting at $485 for 5hrs but may vary by country.

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Interesting News

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Don't let go of your dreams during this time!

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