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Extracurricular Activities for UK University Applicants: How to Perfect Your Supercurriculars

Getting accepted to top universities in the UK requires more than good grades and test scores. What you do outside the classroom also matters — so how can you make sure your Supercurriculars boost your application?
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Learn how activities outside of school contribute to university admissions success

Most university applicants are familiar with the role that extracurricular activities play on the path to admissions success. But do you know how this part of your application differs depending on where in the world you plan to apply? At competitive universities in the UK, admissions officers look for evidence of your participation in Supercurricular activities that bolster the academic strengths you showcase.

So how do you build a Supercurricular portfolio with valuable experiences and projects that strengthen your candidacy, enhance the rest of your application and resonate with admissions officers?

In this eBook, we answer your questions about:

  • Why Supercurriculars matter, with insights from a UK admissions expert
  • When and how to start participating in Supercurriculars
  • Where to find Supercurricular activities that are right for you
  • What successful Supercurriculars look like, with real examples from successful Crimson students

For students hoping to study at one of the UK’s best universities, this eBook is brimming with essential information to help you succeed.

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