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Ace the New Digital SAT With Expert Tips and a Practice Test

Prepare today for one of the most important tests you’ll ever take!

One of the first things admissions officers at top US universities look at is your standardized test scores, which provide an objective way to measure your academic competence against thousands of other applicants. 

While the new digital SAT is shorter and has fewer sections than the old SAT, the exam is still challenging. Even with the most recent admissions cycle, students admitted to highly competitive universities are scoring in the 90th percentile — which is why it is so important to start your SAT prep well in advance.

Learn the differences between the old and new tests, get expert tips, and take a practice test with this free eBook!

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What to Expect From the eBook

The Test-Optional Trend: Even though many schools claim to be test-optional, our sources have shared that many top colleges are still using test scores to compare candidates to one another, ultimately deciding who gets in and who doesn’t.

Inside this eBook, you will find:

  • Why you should take the Digital SAT
  • Key differences between the paper/pencil SAT and digital SAT
  • 7 digital SAT preparation strategies
  • 5 digital SAT test-taking strategies
  • A Mini Practice SAT to hone your skills
  • What to do if your scores aren't as high as expected
  • How Crimson can help you!
  • Answer Key with explanations
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Download our eBook “How To Ace the Digital SAT: Tips, Tricks, and a Practice Test” today!

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