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Crimson Code

Your pathway to the world's best tech companies. Learn Web Development, App Development, and Data Science in project-based coding courses. Register for our FREE information session to learn more about this opportunity! Sunday November 7th, 11:00 AM China Time
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Why learn to code?

From computer science and software engineering to app development and UX design, coding has become an increasingly valuable and versatile skill — and learning to code early can set you up for success at university and beyond!

Learning how to code is an impressive skill that can help you build an app, develop a website, create a life-changing software, and set you up for success in the ever-changing tech landscape!

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Learn to programme through projects

Crimson Code offers short, live, project-based coding courses in Web Development, App Development and Data Science.

Our courses instill a passion for technology, preparing students for university and employment in the tech industry.

Crimson Code's programmes are developed by graduates from the world's leading Computer Science institutions, including Stanford and Duke.

Create a Coding Portfolio

A coding portfolio is the first thing admissions officers and top employers (Google, Facebook, etc.) ask for. Each Crimson coder builds projects that are showcased in their coding portfolios.

Code Real Projects

Our courses are entirely project-based. In every course, students build cool projects like Twitter, Instagram, Algorithms, and much more! Students gain the skills to build real-world apps.

"Stackable" Courses

Start with core courses like web development, then stack on shorter courses like "Building Amazon" to dive deep and add to your coding portfolio. Choose your customised Computer Science journey.

Live Group Classes

Learn in-demand skills in engaging, live classes from experienced Computer Science instructors from leading universities such as Duke, Stanford, and Vanderbilt. Join the community!

Register for this FREE information session to learn more about Crimson Code

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