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123 Ivy offers and counting! Find out how our students were admitted to Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Columbia and more at 4x the average admit rate!


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Our 2022 US Admissions Results (with updates to continue)
UniversityCrimson Offers (Class of 2026)
John Hopkins14
UC Berkeley60

How We Help Students Like You

Crimson Education is the world’s most successful US/UK university admissions consultancy, with our students up to 4x more likely to gain acceptance to the best — and most competitive — universities in the world.

We believe that every student deserves individualised support in every aspect of their applications. Crimson students have access to a global network of 2,400+ tutors, mentors, and consultants, many of whom have worked at or are graduates of the very universities our students are aiming to attend.

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How Crimson Works

We create individualised programs for every student based on the tools you need to reach your goals. From test prep and tutoring to essay mentoring and interview practice, we are here to ensure you reach your dream university.

University Selection Strategy

Identifying your best-fit universities and building an application list based on your interests, priorities, goals and qualifications.

Test Preparation

One-on-one tutoring for the US's standardised tests, the UK's entrance exams and everything in between.

Extracurricular and Leadership Mentoring

Project planning, execution and reporting to ensure passion and impact are demonstrated in your application.

Essay Support

Support with personal essay ideation, tone, language and structure as well as multi-draft feedback.

Interview Preparation

Conducting mock interviews with multiple Crimson mentors to prepare and build confidence for any question or scenario.

Teacher Recommendations

Help identifying which teachers to approach and how to ensure their letter highlights everything it should.

A word from our Crimson strategists

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