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Test Your SAT Skills Know Where You Stand in 30 Mins!

Did you know that Ivy League admits typically score 1500+ on the SAT? Take our 30-Minute Mini SAT Digital Practice Test to test your SAT knowledge today!

Ready to ace the SAT?

Take our Mini SAT Digital Practice Test to get a feel for what the SAT questions are like, understand where your strengths lie, and where you may need to improve!

  • It is no secret that the best universities in the US have high standards for applicants — especially when it comes to academics. In fact, most successful admits to the likes of Stanford, Princeton, Yale and the other Ivies score in the 90th percentile on the SAT!
  • Although the SAT has become optional at many universities, we highly recommend you still take it. It serves as a benchmark for universities to evaluate your academic performance and shows you are serious about your academic journey.

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