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US Admissions Officer Talks Key To The Ivy League

From Taiwan to the US Stanford FAO Reveals Post-COVID Evaluation Trend

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Saturday, June 11 at 11 AM


Online via Zoom
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How do admissions officers make decisions in post-COVID era?

With acceptance rates hitting “shocking” lows, you wonder how you, as a high schooler from Taiwan, can beat tens of thousands of highly qualified applicants and secure a spot at your dream school?

Go behind the scenes with the University of Chicago Counselor Advisory Board Member Martin Walsh to learn what really goes on behind closed doors once you hit “submit” and what top US colleges are looking for from the gatekeeper himself.

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  • How Admissions Officers review applications
  • Discover how application strategy can impact your chances with the uncertainty of the pandemic
  • Uncover the trends affecting US college admissions
  • Case studies to discuss in detail what makes a student application stand out and what qualities US College Admission Officers look for.
  • Get honest answers and behind-the-scenes information about the admissions process at Stanford, the Ivy League and other top tier US colleges from this Q&A live webinar!
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Meet Martin Walsh

+ 13 years experience as a counselor to international high school students.
+ 10 years experience training international school counselors.
+ Current Member of the University of Chicago’s Counselor Advisory Board.
+ Former Assistant Dean of admissions at Stanford University.
+ Former Director of Admission at Santa Clara University.

Martin has 12 years experience as a counselor for students and 10+ years experience training international school counselors.

“Over the years I am not certain how many applications I reviewed, perhaps 5,000, perhaps more? Trust me: the reading cycle is exhausting and a bit of a blur. Happily, many of my questions about the mysteries of the admission process were answered. I enjoy taking some of the mystery out of the college.” – says Martin.

Stanford FAO

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